"When We Wander"

Posted on August 22, 2018

The last time I checked, which would be today, myriads of people are still busy with numerous end-of-summer activities. The following article may give us some insight in finding our place in the...

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"God’s Guide to Growth in Groups"

Posted on August 16, 2018

In Acts 1:15 the Bible says, “In those days Peter stood up among the believers (a group numbering about a hundred and twenty).” Out of this group of 120 people, the Spirit of God...

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"The Desert Road" (2)

Posted on August 8, 2018

In Exodus 5:1, Moses and Aaron went to Pharaoh and said, “This is what the Lord, the God of Israel, says: ‘Let my people go, so that they may worship me in the...

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"The Desert Road"

Posted on August 1, 2018

A man found a cocoon of the emperor moth and took it home to watch it emerge. One day a small opening appeared, and for several hours the moth struggled but couldn’t seem to force its body...

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"The Bite Is On!"

Posted on July 18, 2018

A few years ago, there was a true story about a man in New York City who was kidnapped. His kidnappers called his wife and demanded a $150,000 ransom. The wife, however, was able to talk the...

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