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"Whose Idea Is It Anyway?"

Posted on July 5, 2017

Let’s create a character.  Her name is Sally.  Sally went to garage sale and saw and item she wanted.  Before she got to the check-out lady sitting behind the card table, the sticker price fell off. Sally walks up to the garage sale cashier and says . . .

Let’s create another character. His name is Rolly. Rolland wants to buy a car but the sticker in window has fallen off and he can’t see it.  The sales person approaches Rolly and asks him if he is interested in the car. Rolly says, “Yes, I am interested in the car.”

In both instances, the question that gets asked next is … “How much is it?”

This question gets asked a billion times a day in various settings because …

Money is involved!  Oh, that darn filthy lucre! – Right? I mean the Bible says “Money is the root of all evil!” No, the Bible doesn’t say that at all.  It says the “love of money” is the root or cause of evil.

Here is a deep and profound truth that we must grasp.  Ready!


Money … is … God’s idea!


He created all things – that includes money, buying, spending, funding, investing and financing.

The New Testament writers emphasize that there will be lean times and times of plenty. Right now, we as a church are in times that are leaning toward lean.

My uncle Chuck lived through the tough times of the depression. Reflecting on those times he would sometimes say, “Things were so scarce when I was a kid that we would skin a flea just to get the lard off it!”

We’re not there yet; but we have been moving in that direction for some time.

More Sunday!