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"Two Nickels"

Posted on August 29, 2018

A father wanted to teach his two sons of four and five about money and the value of it. He got two little coin banks and coins that would equal one dollar a piece.  The father would simultaneously give his sons coins to deposit in the coin bank.


After several deposits of different coins, the boys had both dropped ninety cents in their banks. It was now time for the last deposit of ten cents.


The father, without thought, gave his younger son two shiny nickels.  He then gave his older son a smaller, thinner dime. The older son appraised the situation according to the size and number of the coins and said, “Daddy, you gave him more than you gave me!”


And then he continued with what all of us have heard and said ourselves. As he marched out of the room he said: “Daddy, you’re not being fair!”


Then there’s Calvin. Calvin’s dad says, “The world isn’t fair Calvin.” Calvin replies with, “I know dad, but why isn’t it ever unfair in my favor?”


Then there’s the cowboy. The cowboy said, “Expecting the world to treat you fairly because you’re a good person is like expecting a long horn steer not to gore you because you are a vegetarian.”


In Matthew 20:1, Jesus tells a story about the Kingdom of God. He says to a group of laborers that he would pay them for their work.  When one of the laborers gets paid with a little, skinny dime (figuratively), and the other with two large, shiny nickels, that one cries out, “This isn’t fair!”


Seems like he’s got a good case. We want things to be fair and just - don’t we?  Really - don’t we?


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