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"The Woman Called Dog"

Posted on October 10, 2018

Jesus could have gone another way home.  He didn’t have to go through the land of the Gentiles. But He did.  There He meets a woman.  She is not and will not be a main character in Jesus’ history. She is not a Pharisee, a Jew, or a disciple. These people all know something about Jesus as followers or opponents. This woman has simply “heard of Him”.  The rest of the story is about her moving from “hearing about Him” to “having great faith in Him”.

 The woman begins having made no profession of faith, she knows nothing of Jesus’ deity, and she is clueless about the Kingdom of God. She has never heard Jesus speak of a cross, but she did hear Him insinuate that she was a “dog” .

 She is a lone woman (apparently single) from a despised race. And yet, to this obscure woman living in the margins of society, Jesus will ultimately say, “Your faith is great”. He only said that of two people – this woman and a Gentile centurion.

 This woman moves through significant stages: She hears about Jesus … experiences the silence of Jesus … and feels what appears to her to be the rejection of Jesus. But then She comes to know Jesus in a way that changes her life!

 And before Jesus parts company with this woman, she will call Him something no one else in all of the Gospels ever calls Him – “Lord”. And Jesus will say her, “Woman, you have great faith!”


 Hope to see this Sunday on God’s day!