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"Stood Up Again!"

Posted on October 3, 2018

I think we would all agree that Jesus kept some long hours fulfilling His Father’s purposes.  He knew that he had limited time to do what His Father had laid out before Him. There is every reason for Jesus to blow off the Sabbath, but he had a custom that His Father had implanted in His Spirit. That custom was to honor the Sabbath with his consistent, weekly attendance and participation.


God never wastes a man’s time with something that is irrelevant. So if Jesus was consistent in church attendance and participation, His Father was likewise consistent in imparting something in His soul that was extremely beneficial.


Here’s an important question: Does our life (in Jesus) express a consistent attitude of gratitude toward God? That’s an easy one to assess – How you treat the Sabbath (God’s special day) is the indicator of how you’re treating God.” God is really into Sabbath!  It’s His special day!  It made His top 10 list! He is the focus of the party and we are his guests! Sabbath/Sunday is the day when God says I’ll meet you at 9:30 at church and we’ll hang out for a couple of hours!


Dad, how would you feel if your 16 year-old daughter was invited to the prom. The big night arrives. She is excited and prepared. There is a knock on the door – It’s her date. She opens the door and … it’s not her date. It’s her date’s friend. He says, “Larry won’t be going to the prom with you tonight.” Your daughter says, “Oh no, is he alright?  Is he hurt?  Did he suddenly get sick?”


No, he decided this morning that he would rather go to the boat show with a couple of his friends.”


Dad is on a manhunt for Larry! He just stood up his daughter for a boat show? 




 The Bible says Jesus is preparing the church (us) to be his bride. On Sundays, He comes by the church/assembly/gathering to take us on a date. To give us a foretaste of what it will be like in eternity when we, His church, is united with Him in perfect unity!


He comes by and, as Revelation 3 states He says, “Behold, I’m standing at the door of your church today – It’s Sunday! And as the door swings open His heart melts. He’s come to give his soon to be bride a foretaste of what it will be like in eternity and … He’s stood up.


There is no gratitude.  There is no devotion. Sunday is already scheduled full.  The bride (us) has other plans for the day. Jesus has been stood up again.  The absolute best that God can offer is overlooked again! The angels in heaven get one tiny glimpse of Him and say:


     Revelation 4:11 - “Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord! You are worthy, our Lord and God, to      receive glory and honor and power, for you created all things, and by your will   they were created and have their being.”


They realize this Jesus who is standing and knocking at the door is the absolute best God could do! And at that glimpse, they fall in gratitude before Him and cry out “Holy, holy, holy!  The whole earth is full of your glory!


 And we say, “Oh, wow! This sounds like a good thing.  Let me check my schedule. 


“No God, Sunday, your day, is already booked. I’ve got people coming over for lunch and I want to make sure everything is ready. So, I’ll have to skip church today.  Maybe next week.”


We miss the angelic anthem because of our plans, our schedule, our world which is continually updated and redesigned to “serve me”.


More Sunday – Hope you’re there.