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"Shaping History from Behind the Curtains"

Posted on May 9, 2018

There is a good deal of fascination surrounding many of the women and mothers in the Bible. Most of the mothers are identified and named. But right along with them are the heroic mothers who were nameless. 


A somewhat baffling question is: “Why are so many influential women and mothers in history nameless?


For instance, we have the names of the sons of Noah, but not those of his wife and daughters-in-law (who are mothers). Noah’s wife was a big player who got righteousness back on track after the flood. What was her name? Don’t know. It seems that whoever she was she draws her identity from … Noah.


We have a full story of “righteous Lot,” but silence prevails as to the names of his wife and two daughters (mothers).


Isaiah’s wife was an influential prophetess. What was her name? Nobody knows. What is important is that she is Isaiah’s wife.


Who was Ezekiel’s wife? Nobody knows.


Who was Micah’s wife? Again, we are clueless.  


There is no satisfactory answer to the silence of Scripture regarding the identity of its nameless women and mothers. But many of the unknown Bible women/mothers left their impact upon history. They played their part in important events, but their signatures are not attached to their service.


What many of the mothers did is history; history without a title page. Kind of sounds like many of the women and mothers of today –  significant history shapers who change the world from behind the curtain.


And then there was Hagar. She’s got a name – “To flee”. And that she did with child in tow.


More Sunday!