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"Left- Right-Left!"

Posted on October 19, 2018

Before our weekly Leadership Team meeting last night, some discussion arose as to the way men and women think differently. That got me thinking about how God wired all of us to embrace thought patterns as we age.


Our brains, according to God’s divine design, are divided into two hemispheres: the right-brain and the left-brain. Generally speaking, the left-brain is the logical-half of the brain and the right-half is the creative-half of the brain.


Studies have shown that the balance of thought processes tends to shift from right-to-left as we age.

Memory overtakes imagination. We stop exploring the mystery of God surrounding our current situation and start repeating and reliving the past.


Memory overtakes imagination.  Logic overtakes wonder. Reliving the past overtakes exploring the mystery of what God is doing now. We have a “doubtless” faith packaged just the way it has worked for us for years and we really don’t want any more additions to it.


Doubt, like fear, is a necessary part of our faith-journey.  Doubt leads to exploration.  Exploration leads to discovery and revelation.  Discovery and revelation lead to ... genuine faith.  The freedom to doubt keeps me moving toward what I am becoming and away from what I have “always been”.


How about you?