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"God - The Author of His Own Story" (2)

Posted on October 25, 2017

For those of you who weren’t here last Sunday, we began a series as mentioned above entitled: God – The Author of His Own Story.


We started with the pre-existent God, moved through God as Trinity, considered the creation of angels, watched Satan rebel, and got positioned this week for a cosmic revolt which differentiates Satan and His demons from God and His angels.


We asked this question: Why does every story in the bible/history have a villain? The answer: Because yours and mine does! But most of us don’t live in recognition of this and that makes life very, very confusing.


Much of our perplexity about God comes from our reluctance to seriously recognize that we have a wicked, malicious, malevolent adversary.


Even though the Bible specifically teaches about the reality of Satan/The Devil, according to Barna, about 40-45% of self-proclaimed Christians say there is no such thing. I guess we should expect that among the 55-60% who profess no relationship with Christ, but for those who do, we have a troubling disconnect.


“C’mon with the angels, demons, Satan, the supernatural, and spiritual warfare.  Pretty soon you are going to tell me a man once lived a completely sinless life! 


Pretty soon you’re going to tell me a man died and returned to life.


Pretty soon you’re going to tell me that you have a book that is written by the very finger of God and brought to life by the breath of God – and that this book contains absolutes and eternal truths.


I don’t accept that.  It makes no sense.  It’s not rational or logical.”


Remember who is saying this? Self-proclaimed Christians. 40-45% strongly agreed that Satan “is not a living being but is a symbol of evil.” An additional two out of ten Christians (19%) said they “agree somewhat” with that perspective.


This is perplexing. So let’s ask a question that should help us find our place on the map.  That question is this: What do you believe?  Is Satan/The Devil real?


If you answered “Yes”, let me ask you this question: If you believe that Satan is a malevolent, killing, and destroying entity that Jesus spoke of in John 10, what have you done and what are you doing to protect and guard yourself, your family, and your close friends from him? 


If your answer is “little” or “nothing”, you really don’t believe or you would be taking steps to stand firm against him … as the Bible teaches.


Many of us are dangling from a dangerous precipice because we really don’t believe in angels, demons, Satan, or spiritual warfare.


More Sunday. 


Prepare yourself to be an instrument of God’s praise before you come.