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"Conditional Terms That Will Impact Your Destiny!"

Posted on September 5, 2018

In 1 John 1:4, John says, “We write this message to you so that we all may be full of joy!” 


Imagine receiving a message so good that it caused you to rethink your entire life. The message caused you to reorient your life’s journey.


Let’s say you come home one day and open a letter from your banker. You find out that the bank made a mistake years ago calculating your mortgage and now suddenly you discover your house is paid off and the bank owes you 100 grand!


Let’s say the doctor who had diagnosed you with an aggressive cancer calls you to say, that after further testing, the initial diagnosis was wrong and you don’t have cancer at all!


This is a great message! This “message of Joy” (v. 4) is impacting every sector of your life! The old reality is gone, and a new day is born. The message you received is so good that it is now causing you to rescript your entire life.


In v.9, the message unfolds in the midst of conditional terms. A conditional terms is this: If you do xyz, then I will do abc. If you are happy, then I am content. John defines the conditions of the message. What he writes is this:


If we confessour sin ... then God will forgive us and cleanse us so thoroughly that we can fellowship with Him in His pure light!


The message in brief – If we confess, then God will forgive and cleanse.




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