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"A Good Blur"

Posted on April 2, 2018

Wow!  The last three weeks have been a blur – a really good blur!


We started our outreach emphasis with a couple of Wednesday nights focused on intercession for our unsaved family and friends. We carried that intercession to the next level which was actually inviting friends and family to venues where the Gospel could be heard. For some, this was a stretch – but a good stretch with an invitation to step into unnerving situations for the Kingdom of God.


Many of you saw your family and friends show up for Dr. Tom Blee, the Good Friday service, Easter or a combination of the three. Knowing that God would be moving in all the services, I asked some of you to be ready to pray with people who would respond to the invitations.  And you did! Stretch and Hallelujah! I asked different ones of you to be ready to stand up front so those who were feeling God’s stirring would have someone to go to. You did! Stretch and Praise God!


The power of God’s Resurrection doesn’t diminish just because Easter week has come and gone.  I talked with a man who had invited a friend to come. The friend promised he would. But he didn’t (most of us experienced this). The man was disheartened because of his concern for his unsaved friend. Here’s the Good News again: After the resurrection, every day is Easter! And the power of the resurrection hovers over the life of every man, woman, and youth. So, stretch and be ready.  God has a way to bring your friends to a saving knowledge and faith through you!


This Sunday we will be hosting the Minnesota Teen Challenge Choir.  This is another excellent opportunity for you to pray, bring friends, and rejoice in the victories of the men who will be singing and sharing their faith experience.


You are also invited to join us for prayer this Wednesday at 6:30 pm at Cornerstone!