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A Chord of Three Deceiving Tones (2)

Posted on August 9, 2017

Our True or False Question for this coming Sunday is:


Hearing the Word but doing nothing with it is O.K.  A casual obedience to Biblical truth is really all that God expects.


Before we address the deception in the second T/F question, let’s ask: What is the “Word”? (used 4x in our text)


The Bible says of itself that the Word (Scripture) is God-breathed! Literally:  The Word is alive with the breath of God Himself! That being the case, the writer of Hebrews in chapter 4:12 says, “The Word of God is alive and active”!


Over in Thessalonica, Paul writes, “You received the Word of God.  You accepted it not as a human word, but as it actually is, the Word of God, which performs its work in you who believe.” (I Thessalonians 2:13)


Jesus says in John 14 and 16 that the Holy Spirit will take the Word of Christ and from that Word give us revelation into all that God is. Here is the point: The Word of God is the primary revelation that God has given us to know Him.


Said another way: The primary revelation of Jesus Christ for you and me is His Word under the illumination of the Holy Spirit!


There are other means God uses to reveal Himself. For some, there is the revelation of God in nature. For others, there are dreams and visions. The list can be broadened by pointing to prophetic words, the audible voice of God, and spiritual discernment of other believers.


These are all important and contribute to some degree to revealing God. But the primary revelation of Jesus Christ for you and me is His Word brought to light by the Holy Spirit!


Think with me. If the Word of God is the primary revelation of Christ for you and me, but there is little or no Word active or sought after in our life, then there will be little or no revelation of God in our life.


Who is God?  What is God like?  What has God prepared for me? What is God’s will for my life? What should I do about marriage? How do I better raise my children?  How do I know God’s voice? How can I have a fervent and authentic relationship with Christ?


The answer?  You can’t.  Not without the primary revelation of God which is His Word.


If there isn’t much fervor for the Word of God in our lives… we are in a dangerous place.


More Sunday …