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“A Chord of Three Deceiving Tones”

Posted on August 2, 2017

Japanese Beetles have overtaken many of the trees in my yard. In defense, I bought a Japanese beetle trap.


The Japanese beetle trap releases both a sex pheromone and a floral scent that together are very effective in attracting, alluring and deceiving adult beetles.


The beetles fly to the trap in droves.  Once they fly or crawl inside the trap, they fall into a collection bag and can’t get out.  At this point they simple squirm until they die.


When the collection bag fills up with dead beetles, I merely dispose of the bag and put on a new one.  The process starts all over again.


The number of bags I have filled up with dead Japanese Beetles illustrates how well the deceiving sex pheromone and floral scent trap work.


A deceiving scent lures one after another after another beetle to its death.




In James 1:16-26 (just ten verses), James addresses three deceptions that, if not treated, will certainly kill our spiritual souls the way the beetle trap will ultimately kill the beetles.


These deceptions are subtle and seemingly innocuous – But in reality, they are lethal!


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