About Us

We are a church with people from a broad range of denominational backgrounds and people with no church background.

We believe in Jesus - God’s only Son who died on a cross for our sins, who was raised to life and will one day return to receive those who have believed in Him.

We teach the Bible, believing that it is from God and entirely true.

We are people of all ages, including lots of kids.

We have a contemporary Sunday Service with a  casual atmosphere.

We are led by a team comprised of members and pastoral staff.

We encourage small gatherings outside of our regularly scheduled meetings.

We emphasize grassroots ministry according to passions and giftings.

We support outreach to people in our community.

We support evangelism to people in foreign countries.




At Cornerstone we use the term “partnership” instead of “membership”.  First and foremost it is a commitment to the people of our Cornerstone family.  It is also a commitment to our mission of connecting with God and one another on a deeper level.  Partners sign on for one year and then we ask them to recommit every year to Cornerstone’s community and mission.  We ask that Partners make Cornerstone their home church by attending regularly, serving the church family by plugging into ministries, and making visitors feel welcome. Our Partners are voting members of our church body. We ask that Partners make every effort to attend our brief quarterly business meetings which are held after church on Sunday.  If you would like more information about Partnership or would like to become a Partner of Cornestone, please contact the church office.